On Marxism

Or rather, perhaps, On The Rejection of Capitalism

There are a litany of excellent descriptions of Capitalism, and its many problems. There are, however, significantly fewer excellent descriptions of Marxism, Socialism, and Communism, and the many solutions they offer. Here, I seek to present some of those few excellent descriptions. To be clear, however - to paraphrase a quote from the late Unibomber - it wasn't anything I read that radicalized me. I just got mad seeing the homeless huddling up against the police station walls in winter.

My favorite - and indeed, for now, the only - comprehensive summary linked here is dessalines' essay, hosted on github. (Archive). Dessalines directs those short on time to read reddit user /u/theDashRendar's explanation of Capitalism, hosted on reddit. (Archive Unavailable due to Reddit).

I have taken the liberty of rehosting both of these writeups. Mostly, I must admit, for my own convenience - my URLs are short and easy to give out - but also to provide another host for them, should the existing hosts prove untenable. You will find my rehosts listed below:

/u/theDarkRendar's What exactly is Capitalism?

dessalines' Crash Course on Socialism

I have only just begun my study of it at time-of-writing, but already I can tell that Guy Debord's The Society of Spectacle is essential to adequately understanding the flaws inherent to our society. Sorry I can't tell you more yet. Study it yourself if you have the time.

I hope that you find the information relayed here to be educational - or, if nothing else, useful as a resource to teach others. If you know of a write-up you think should be linked and rehosted here, shoot me a message at the email address listed on the homepage.